1 Mar

Singing Fountain

Singing Fountain Marienbad Landmark, dominant and one of main attractions where crowds of tourists and locals are waiting for the show? Water theatre accompanied by music every odd hour during the spa season? It is the unique Singing fountain Marienbad. Formation of the Singing Fountain and Grand Opening However, the Singing Fountain was established on...
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28 Feb

Miniaturpark Boheminium Marienbad

Trails – it is Marienbad Natural mineral springs, healing, procedures, spa forests, hiking trails in the area – this is Marienbad. It is always a variegation once the destination offers something extra. Miniaturpark Boheminium Marienbad is located approximately 2 km away from Marienbad Apartment once you travel by car. It is however possible to walk...
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12 Jan

Marienbad EV charging station

Marienbad and electromobility, even in our spa city, the reality. Marienbad EV charging station for electric cars is located only 100 m from the Marienbad Apartment and is only a 2-minute walk away from our apartments. Clean energy belongs to spa town, and we are very pleased that spa guests can take an advantage of...
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29 Jul

Restaurant Česká hospůdka

Where to eat in Marienbad Many guests of Marienbad Apartment Marianske Lazne ask us where to go to eat. One of the best restaurants is certainly Ceska hospudka Marienbad. The name “Česká hospůdka” basically means Czech pub and as the name implies, the Ceska hospudka Marienbad is dedicated to Czech cuisine. It places great emphasis...
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5 Apr

Coffee Roasting Company Marienbad

Anyone interested in very special Brazilian coffee? The combination of spa city Mariánské Lázně and coffee, relax and free time simply fits together. In order to make the feeling of best coffee as intense as possible, it is therefore necessary to visit a company where coffee is at home where is freshly roasted. Such place...
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