29 Jul

Restaurant Česká hospůdka

Where to eat in Marienbad

Many guests of Marienbad Apartment Marianske Lazne ask us where to go to eat. One of the best restaurants is certainly Ceska hospudka Marienbad.

Ceska hospudka, czech cuisine local products

The name “Česká hospůdka” basically means Czech pub and as the name implies, the Ceska hospudka Marienbad is dedicated to Czech cuisine. It places great emphasis on the freshness and processing of local products. Since it is one of the best restaurants in Marianske Lazne, we would also recommend a visit to this restaurant. In the typical Czech restaurant the Czech beer has to be found. In the restaurant Ceska hospudka you will find the best Czech one, the Pilsner Urquell. The Česká hospůdka restaurant is only a 3-minute walk from the Marienbad Apartment.

Walking from Marienbad Apartment to restaurant Ceska hospudka

You can also check our recommendation at Tripadvisor. Restaurant Česká hospůdka is one of the TOP 10 in Marienbad. See more recommendations of this restaurant on Google Review.

Are you planning a trip to Marienbad? You will definitely visit the Colonnade, where you can find the Singing Fountain or Boheminium Park with miniatures of important Czech monuments. But wondering where to eat well in Marianske Lazne? Ceska hospudka is definitely a place where you will be satisfied. In the summer you can enjoy the summer garden, in winter there is a pleasant sitting by fireplace inside. Since the restaurant is quite known and popular do not forget to book your table in advance. Payment is possible only in cash, but they accept CZK and € as well.

Do not hesitate to visit the restaurant website for more information http://www.ceskahospudkaml.cz

Enjoy your meal
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