26 May

Cycling route in Slavkov Forest

20 springs not only in Marianske Lazne

In Mariánské Lázně and its surroundings there are not only many mineral springs, but also many cycling routes. Thanks to these routes, which are crossing the Slavkov Forest, you will comfortably discover many attractions in our region. The Marienbad Apartment is located in the city center, which is great starting point for these cycling trips. Whichever way you go, you will always discover an interesting place that deserves your attention. We have created a cycling route for you and have named it 20 springs not only in Marianske Lazne.

Mariánské Lázně cyklistika

Many links to already created cycling routes can be found on the website dedicated to tourism in the Karlovy Vary region – Living Land or on the official website of Mariánské Lázně tips for trips.

It is important to take into account that the cycling in the Slavkov Forest is not a ride in Nederlands. 🙂 Mariánské Lázně is located in the foothills, and therefore some routes are challenging. However, everyone can choose the route according to its difficulty.

Our Tip

We have prepared our own route, which is not extra difficult. The cycling circuit is full of stops at natural springs and it is more or less “excursion tour” In addition to the traditional “Pavilion of Springs” in Mariánské Lázně, where are all springs intended for drinking cures, you have the opportunity to discover iron or natural springs. Newly repaired or forgotten springs offer the opportunity to find out of how mineral springs were used in the past. By some springs you will find information boards, others are hidden, almost forgotten. These springs are not used for drinking cure, but for the common purposes and are serve as a drinking source for locals, farmers, or pilgrims.

Who will find all 20 springs? We personally explored the route and we can confirm that every mentioned sight can be found. 🙂 Perhaps only in case of “Vlčí pramen” you have to get off your bike and walk across the meadow towards to the forest. As a second issue, there is current road construction and it could be a bit more difficult to get to “Kosatcová louka”.

Marienbad Apartment cyklotrasa 20 pramenů

Historically, almost every village in the region had its own mineral water, which the locals cared for, like own treasure. That changed after 1945. Due to the forced displacement of the German population, many water sources were forgotten. Suddenly no one cared about the springs, and they gradually disappeared. You can find various springs on the route. The variety of these springs enhances the experience of this cycling circuit. Such as “Svatovítská kyselka” – repaired, however, nature has found new paths, so there are more springs and even though it may seem “flooded” at first glance, it has its charm. More cannot be revealed. We will not deprive you of all surprises on this route. 🙂

Don’t have a bike? It doesn’t matter, you can lend it at the train station in Marianske Lazne. More information ČD Bike – bicycle rentals.

The route was created on the server mapy.cz and the English version including GPX record is available here.

Cycling route here: