28 Feb

Miniaturpark Boheminium Marienbad

Trails – it is Marienbad

Natural mineral springs, healing, procedures, spa forests, hiking trails in the area – this is Marienbad. It is always a variegation once the destination offers something extra. Miniaturpark Boheminium Marienbad is located approximately 2 km away from Marienbad Apartment once you travel by car. It is however possible to walk a few hundred meters and use the local cable car. It is only 10 minutes’ walk (about 800 m) and it departs every quarter hour. If you decide to use the cable car, you reach the Krakonoš hill and 50 m from the cable car station, you will find the Boheminium Park with miniatures of Czech monuments.


What does offer Miniaturpark Boheminium Marienbad?

The natural park is extending over 6 hectares and contains about 70 monuments. In this unique park you can find some Czech UNESCO sights, famous castles and monuments of the Karlovy Vary Region. Information panels are available in 4 languages, the walk takes about 3 hours. It is an unusual kind of experience set in a natural park, which is enriched with miniature models of Czech landmarks.

Miniaturpark Boheminium Mariánské Lázně

  • open daily / all year round 10 am – 6 pm
  • most visited monument in Marienbad
  • the 4th largest mini-park in Europe
  • for more information do not hesitate to visit the website of the park www.boheminium.cz

Krakonoš hill – surroundings of Miniaturpark Boheminium

Equestrian Club Mariánské Lázně – recreational riding, hours with instructor or watching horses on grassland web of the club

Sculptural fairy-tale paradise – at the Hotel Krakonoš continues the restoration of the traditional “fairytale journey”, which was established in the 19th century on the Krakonoš Hill. This journey ended with by the statue of “Krakonoš”, the protector of mountains and springs. The statue is still situated next to the historical hotel nowadays named as „Rübezahl“.

Animal enclosure Hvozd – below the miniature park Boheminium is an animal enclosure with fallow deers and roebucks. Animals can also be watched from above – there is an observation point.

Royal Golf Club Marianske Lazne – is approximately 1,5 km far from the Krakonoš area. It is the oldest playground in the Czech Republic, founded and inaugurated in 1905 by King Edward VII. of England.

From Krakonoš hill there are several trails back to city center

You can take direction to Kamzík (forest point of view and former hotel). You will come across Mescrery Lookout, Clements Place, Millennium Monument, or lookout Karola. You will reach a point above the Main Colonnade or you can continue along to the Geological Park and reach the Laska’s chapel.

The second option is to take a trail along romantic Hamelika lookout tower, former hotel Panorama and through the park around the park pool alongside the tennis courts back to the center.

The longest trail is the “Spa Forest Nature Trail” named “Naučná stezka Lázeňské lesy” around the Animal enclosure Hvozd, through the Pirate spring to the Prelate spring in the Pott Valley. At the Prelate spring there is a natural children’s park with many attractions, little water dams, a fireplace, a seating area, etc. Direction to the Rudolf spring and the Ferdinand spring Colonnade you can reach the city center.

Miniaturpark Boheminium Marienbad is highly recommended and for our guests we have arranged 15% discount.

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