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Singing Fountain

Singing Fountain Marienbad

Landmark, dominant and one of main attractions where crowds of tourists and locals are waiting for the show? Water theatre accompanied by music every odd hour during the spa season? It is the unique Singing fountain Marienbad.

Singing Fountain Marienbad

Formation of the Singing Fountain and Grand Opening

However, the Singing Fountain was established on the site of the “Dolní and Horní” Colonnade (Which was Lower and Upper Colonnade). The gradual deterioration of the wooden colonnade with cast-iron columns led to a decision to demolish it. The colonnade, which survived both World wars, began to be demolished in 1974. The new element of the Singing Fountain was part of the overall transformation of the promenade space between the Cross and Caroline Springs. The completely finished Singing Fountain was inaugurated on 30th April 1986. This is the very day, the fountain is opened. The Singing Fountain in Mariánské Lázně has been serving regularly for more than 30 years. It is definitely worth a visit and if you manage to enjoy the evening production, you can count on the light accompaniment. Marienbad Apartment recommends this attraction.

The season program of Singing Fountain 2021 in Marienbad

Weekly timetable of compositions for the Singing Fountain 2021
There is a daily program of music from 7 a.m. every odd hour, at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. projection with colourful illumination. Gala opening 30th April at 9 p.m., closing operation 31st October at 8 p.m.

Singing Fountain 2021