Marienbad Apartment

Accommodation Marienbad Apartment in the house of Villa Nizza

The house of Villa Nizza, where accommodation Marienbad Apartment is located, has an interesting history. As one of the few houses its kept own name all the time. The building was built in the Classicist style in 1880 by the baking master Gustav Härtl as a two-storey spa hotel. After 1900, the house was rebuilt and two more floors were added. On the roof, there was a terrace with attic balustrade, which was unfortunately changed to its present form in 1970s.

The house is decorated with the statues of Herakles and Hébé on the right side and the statues of Tyché and Pluto on the left side. The sculptures represent strength, youth, happiness and wealth. The house is situated in the heart of Marienbad, opposite the “Monarchs Sculptures “, the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I. and the British King Edward VII. Historically, there was also clock that have always served as a meeting place. This clock is restored now and placed to its origin location.

The building of Villa Nizza is now in private hands, in the so-called Community of Owners. During the last reconstruction the lift has been built in and the house is being carefully managed.

Marienbad Apartment returns the Villa Nizza to its tradition and the original intention, which is accommodation of spa guests and tourists. Although the apartments are located in the city center, the house is very quiet, perfectly accessible and exceptionally situated in the spa center of the city.

So, we’ll meet you “At the clock”