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Where to eat in Marianske Lazne

The newly opened restaurant Post Avenue 99, is a place that is definitely worth a visit. When clients ask us where to eat in Marianske Lazne, this restaurant is among our recommended places. Why this one and not another restaurant “around the corner”? It is a family business that employs perhaps whole family and the approach to the customer looks like that. Post Avenue 99 restaurant is valuing their customers. As we have we personally visited the restaurant, we can highly recommend it. Pleasant, attentive service and excellent cuisine convinced us.

Restaurace Post Avenue 99 v Mariánských Lázních


This concept is new and unique in Marianske Lazne. In the menu you will find a variation of burgers, or various types of tortillas. Both are offered as vegetarian dish as well. Do you like chicken strips? Fresh salads? You can find all this on the main menu. The restaurant prepares weekly menu, which is special and emphasizes local fresh ingredients. Do you feel like a cutlet, chicken steak or Tex Mex? Come and explore the daily offer of this restaurant.


where to eat in Marianske Lazne

Where to eat in Marianske Lazne? Restaurant & Cafe Post Avenue 99

The restaurant is located in Postovní (Post) street 56, after which is also named. Modern design and a bit of American style is enhanced by a unique, newly renovated terrace. The sun shines on almost whole day, therefore it is one of the best outdoor seating in the city. Is Pilsner Urquell beer your favorite beer or are you interested in great selection of fine wines?

This restaurant is the right spot for you. To our great joy, there is finally a restaurant that offers an interesting wine list in Marianske Lazne. This is definitely good news for those who do not fancy a beer. There is also a wide selection of wines on glasses. At Post Avenue 99 you will also get an excellent coffee, which they can definitely make here.

The restaurant is only 2-minute walk from the Marienbad Apartment, so even if the weather is bad, it is a breeze with an umbrella from our apartments. 🙂 The restaurant is new, so you won’t find it on Tripadvisor yet, but Google Reviews already exist.

The restaurant is closed on Monday. Payment is possible by credit card (mobile) or in cash. CZK and € are accepted.

For more information do not hesitate to visit restaurants facebook or instagram page.

Enjoy your meal
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