5 Apr

Coffee Roasting Company Marienbad

Anyone interested in very special Brazilian coffee?

The combination of spa city Mariánské Lázně and coffee, relax and free time simply fits together. In order to make the feeling of best coffee as intense as possible, it is therefore necessary to visit a company where coffee is at home where is freshly roasted. Such place exists in Mariánské Lázně. Its name is Lázeňská pražírna – which is translated as Spa Roasting Company.

This is exactly where the customer can discover what is actually hidden in a regular cup of coffee. Coffee roasting has its own specifics and you can see it directly in the Spa Roasting Company Marienbad. The coffee is being approached with love, diligence and professionalism.

Lázeňská pražírna Mariánské Lázně

What can you look forward to?

The roasting machine itself, visible to the customer, can only roast 3 kg of coffee at once. That’s why the freshness of the roasted coffee is always guaranteed. You can then enjoy it on spot or buy some interesting coffee package to go. What kind of coffee does the roasting company offer? Well, simply those, that come from countries called the “coffee belt”. That is why you can be surprised by quite exotic countries. The origin of coffee is important because, each continent has a different taste. Have you ever tasted coffee from Rwanda or Burundi? Even the offer is changing, it is important, that the coffee offered is always deliciously roasted and only fresh production is offered. Compared to various cafes and restaurants here you get only fresh product.

It is worth a visit

Spa Roasting Company Marienbad is simply a place that deserves your visit. If it is just a cup of coffee, “quick” espresso to go, or buying a coffee package, it is certain that you won’t regret. You will be pleasantly surprised, because the delicious taste of local coffee is enhanced by the altitude, air humidity, water quality and natural environment of Marienbad.

Warm atmosphere enhanced a pleasant experience to any coffee lover. And what if you’re not a coffee lover? You are although welcome. 😊 The package of originally roasted coffee will be surely greatly appreciated by any of your close friends. There are certainly a coffee enthusiasts in your neighborhood and the original roasted coffee will certainly make them happy. Yes, spa wafers are a traditional spa gift, but have you ever gifted close friends with coffee from the spa town? Spa Roasting Company Marienbad is simply a local original establishment that Marienbad Apartment highly recommends.

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